I always do about 10 minutes of ear training with my students at some point during our hour long lesson.  Usually, we do it first.

For beginners, one of the first things that we cover is the difference between major triads and minor triads.  Students typically are very quick to learn to distinguish the two, but when the minor triad is played in the higher registers or the major triad is played in the lower registers, my students frequently get confused.

Today, I recommended to one student to spend some time listening to Grieg’s Piano Concerto  to get a sense of what minor chords in the upper registers sound like.  The opening of Grieg’s concerto is an obvious example although I worry that perhaps the aggressive sound will make the “ominous”quality of the minor all too obvious.  Well, we see if it clarifies anything anyway.

Here it is, in case you’d like to listen:

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