What’s the right age to start piano lessons?

Almost any age is the right age to start piano lessons.  It’s never too late to start, so whether your 6 or 60 it’s a great time to jump in and give it a whirl.  Some folks would argue that students who start in middle school catch up within a year to the students who started in elementary school.  Others would argue that waiting until elementary school is too late.  They believe that starting early – when brain formation is at its most malleable point – is crucial to providing the capacity for being a professional musician.  So how do you decide?

There are a few factors to consider….

Desire. It doesn’t matter what age your child is; if he or she can’t bear the thought of taking piano lessons, it will be no fun for anyone.  On the other hand, if a child has a deep desire to play piano they may be a great student, even at a very young age.  Sometimes people have to try it before they know if they will like it – starting on a trial basis is fine and may take the pressure off of students who are reluctant to commit.

Attention span.  A 30 minute lesson is difficult for some children and adults. It can be a long time to sit no matter how much they love piano.  Others have no problem sitting at the piano for an hour or more.  To get the most out of a lesson, a good thirty minute attention span is helpful.  However, it is possible to work with young children who can’t sit that long.  Breaking up the lesson with musical games, musical toys, or music technology often helps those with a shorter attention span to learn and enjoy the piano.   A fun, enjoyable lesson will make the time fly by.

Reading skills.  A crucial element of piano lessons is being able to learn to read music.  Children who know their alphabet and have some pre-reading skills are far more equpped to begin piano lessons than children who don’t.  Pre-reading skills often begin around age 4, when a child can grasp the concept of symbols and can even begin to read or at least recognize small words.

 Music experience.  Children who have a good background in music, either from a good classroom music teacher or an early music program have an easier time beginning piano lessons than a child who has had no music exposure.  But everyone has to start somewhere, and a lack of experience shouldn’t prevent a student from starting lessons.

Elementary school.  Generally speaking, most beginner piano students start sometime in elementary school.  I’ve taught students as young as 4 and as old as 74. If you think that you or your child would enjoy lessons, have the desire,  attention span, and reading skills than go for it!  It’s never too late to start, and it’s never too early to share a love of music, either.

Come on over, and let’s play!    If you’re not sure if you or your child is ready for lessons, that’s ok!   Please feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns.  We can even do a trial lesson so you can get a sense of what’s it’s like to take lessons. Realistically, it could take a couple of months to get into the swing of things to know if taking lessons is right for you.  It never hurts to try!  I’d love to show you and your children around the piano, to share music, and to share a lot of fun and laughter, too!   Now is the best time to start!

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