To help practice reading space notes with my beginning students, I developed this board game which can be played between or among students in group classes or versus the teacher in private lessons.

Instruct the students that they are the astronaut and are trying to travel through outerspace to get back to Planet Earth.  The students take turns picking cards from the stack of cards which ask them to move to different notes.  If they can find the note, they get to move to that spot on the board, but if they get the note wrong, they don’t get to move.  There are several “Lose a turn” and “move forward 1 space” etc cards as well.  First person to get back to earth wins (and gets a prize usually).

My young students seem to really like it.

Print the game on card stock in color on legal sized paper.  The accompanying cards should also be printed on card stock, but regular sized paper works fine.

Here’s the board:

piano lesson games
Board Game

Ps:  If anyone knows how to upload files onto wordpress, I’d gladly upload the pdf’s so that they are easier to view and print. Just let me know.  I will upload them on my website here.


  1. Log into your WordPress account
    Go to page that you wish to insert Document (pdf)
    To the Left top of Editor you should see this: Upload/Insert
    Click on the Camera image
    Add Media box will open
    Select (Add media files from your computer)
    Scroll down after the upload has completed and click on (Save All Changes)
    Select the Document by clicking on (Show), scroll down and click on (Insert into post)
    Update page!
    View Page!
    There you go!

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