Narcisco Yeppes

Lately I’ve been very into listening to Classical guitar playing while working. Today, I’m discovering the playing of Narcisco Yepes, a guitarist from Spain who followed Andres Segovia (and often got compared with him). Yepes’ playing was often described as well delineated, suitable for counterpoint (positive view) or mechanical (negative view) and served as a foil to the “flowing” style of Segovia.

Notably, he expanded his guitar from the 6 string set up common to classical players to a 10 string set up. I know little to nothing about guitars, but this seems interesting at least.

He also popularized Spanish guitar playing through his work on the soundtrack of 1952’s Forbidden Games (Jeux Interdits), one of the most heartbreakingly beautiful films that I’ve ever had the pleasure and misfortune to see.

Anyway, hope you enjoy listening. This playlist is actually nothing more than one of his albums, “The Beginning of A Legend,” a compilation of his studio recordings from 1953 and 1957. Happy Monday.

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