James Levine, conductors
James Levine

Saw this today and was a little surprised.  I guess maybe I should have been a conductor . . . .

America’s highest paid conductors

$2.41 million – Michael Tilson Thomas, San Francisco Symphony

$2.06 million – James Levine, Metropolitan Opera

$1.21 million – James Levine (again!), Boston Symphony

$1.56 million – Alan Gilbert, New York Philharmonic

$1.47 million – Charles Dutoit, Philadelphia Orchestra

$993,696 – James Conlon, Los Angeles Opera

$985,363 – Gustavo Dudamel, Los Angeles Philharmonic

$958,597 – Franz Welser-Most, Cleveland Orchestra

Earnings from 2010-11 nonprofit tax returns compiled by The Los Angeles Times.

America’s highest paid conductors.

via America’s highest paid conductors.


  1. James Levine should step down the greedy, ugly old man. Classical music is a cesspool of greed, jealousy [edited for inappropriate content] the players should get far more money and the conductors (some) should get far less, it is a quiet scheme because the life style is so low, but these overpaid, overdressed, bearded wives, paid off reviewers think they are fooling someone, I pray the lid is blown off this (so called NFP) septic tank this profession has ruined many superior, talented musicians, and the biggest offense is Gustavo Dudamel, REALLY????????

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