The stuff of nightmares . . .

I’m getting obsessed with getting my students to sightread, so I imagine these types of posts will just keep coming for awhile.

But let’s make it more interactive, in order to get access to these two free exercises, comment below and answer the following questions:

1. Do you work on sight reading in your lesson?

2. What resources do you use to practice sight reading?

3. How important do you think regular sight reading is? 

4. Say something random about your feelings about sight reading!

I realize this might seem like a big ask just to get two easy exercises, but the point is to start a conversation to see what we can learn from one another. So please participate!

Once you’ve made a good faith effort at commenting, I’ll¬†probably just email you the exercises, but maybe i’ll figure out a better way. Let’s just see what happens.

Oh, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! I was thinking about leaving you with a snowman, but since we don’t get snow down here, this is what I’ve come up with:

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