Hello, dear Reader.  For today’s installment of the blog, I’m sharing some music theory coloring worksheets that I recently created for my own students.

To make these sheets, I did not employ (much*) by way of artistic skills:  I borrowed a coloring worksheet from http://www.coloring.ws, a site that shares free coloring pages for kids, and adapted it into a music theory exercise for my younger students.

In the first worksheet, I used pictures of individual piano keys as code for a coloring by piano key to help early students with identifying where the notes are on the piano.  In the second version, I used basic terms and symbols to make the code, such as f or a quarter rest.

Here’s a preview of the keyboard note ID one.

piano lessons
Cat Coloring Keyboard Note Identification Preview

To download these worksheets, please follow this link.  Feel free to use and share these sheets as you wish.

Have a great, music-filled week!

*I added a little to the drawing itself.

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