I recently created this simple worksheet to help my young students learn where the notes are on the piano.  I find that between the Faber, Bastien, and Alfred very young beginner books, there just aren’t enough activities, worksheets, etc to reinforce the concepts week-to-week.  So I’m in the process of making several.

This one is simple.  It shows either a 2 black key group or a 3 black key group with a white key colored in and then asks the student to name the note.  Important to note that the entire musical alphabet (not sharps or flats) is covered on this one sheet, so make sure the student has already been taught all the notes in order to use this effectively.

WORKSHEET_Id notes all

WORKSHEET_Identify the Notes on the piano

One way of teaching keyboard note recognition is the game I shared in my last post.  Check it out if you need an engaging game to teach note names to young ones.  You can break up the deck into just a few notes at a time or play with all of the notes, once all the notes have been introduced and become familiar.

Anyway, to get the worksheet, simply click on the image below and it should download.  Happy Teaching!  (And Mother’s Day!)

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