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I hope that you are well and simply being driven crazy by your children/spouse, etc. The world is a scary place right now (as though that needs to be said). I’ve got a few things on my mind that I’d like to share – resources, news, offers. These are all for different ages, which I’m not specifying.

I will try to update this post, as it occurs to me. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments section!


  1. Free first online piano lesson to anyone anywhere!
Free first online lesson – email or text. collin@neworleanspianoteacher.com
Lessons are in English, mais je parle français (pas très bien).

2. Group classes

I’m going to be scheduling a few live classes regarding music theory and music history as well as music appreciation as interest is expressed. If you are interested, please email me at collin@neworleanspianoteacher.com and specify what you are interested in and when available.

3. Rewards for Referrals

As a student, if you recruit a new student for lessons, get an additional free lesson!

Classical Music News

3. Famed (and currently controversial) opera singer Placido Domingo has tested positive for Covid-19. Here’s the article. Domingo is 79 years old.


4. ClassicalFM.com has a host of articles, videos, and news of interest, so if you aren’t already following on social media or online, check it out!

5. PianoNola.com (my site) has many online games and lessons (customized from musictheory.net) as well as worksheets for beginner to intermediate players. Check the For Students page. Also follow social media for announcements and funny music memes. Bonus: Resources for teachers available by following wordpress link.

6. University of Iowa, Piano Pedagogy Youtube channel.

I really like this one for teachers, students, and listeners because it features professors of piano, performing easy and intermediate piano pieces. These are often hard to find good recordings of. I also like students to use it to “shop” for new or interesting repetoire that I might not have considered.

6. The Royal Opera House is among many arts organizations offering free streaming access to performances. These are live or youtube and facebook. Article here.

7. Online courses regarding music at Coursera.com (click link to find music classes). Below are some I’ve personally enjoyed or at least partially viewed.

And here’s one I think I’ll try out:

8. Reading suggestions that I’ve read recently (affiliate links)

A word of caution . . .

I do not recommend finding online youtube teaching videos to learn any instrument. By self-teaching without anyone to check you, you will likely develop bad technique habits or other problems that will eventually limit your ability to play or make your playing less musical than it otherwise might be. (Of course, there are exceptions, but, face it, you probably aren’t one.

3/24 UPDATE:

Sheet Music Downloads

https://www.musicnotes.com/: This website has a ton of different options that you can download and print at home. Today through April 6, they are offering many free pieces with the code “mefree.” Includes classical and many other types of music and settings. I find It is Well with My Soul especially comforting in this difficult time, regardless of religious or spiritual believes. Bonus: Many of the pieces are offered in multiple keys!

IMSLP or Petrucci Music Library. This website allows free downloads of TONS of sheet music in different editions, from original manuscripts to printed. Watch out because not everything that is posted is free from copyright in every country. It also has audio recordings and other goodies. I believe this website is still free but you can also support the site by buying a yearly membership for 28 USD. This really is a great and valuable resource.

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