I really like using some of these elementary pieces for my adult beginner students (because they are not generally finding as much enjoyment as in method books). But my major beef with Czerny and other piano pedagogues of his age is this: why such a heavy emphasis on the study of the treble clef? For example, in Opus 823, the first piece using bass clef notes is no. 41. By that time, the student has been introduced to Alberti bass lines, two note slurs, sixteenth notes, accidentals, and a whole host of other skills that could just as easily have been written in bass clef so that the student develops a balanced ability to read both clefs. I’m hoping someone can elucidate me, at which point, I will update this post.

For now, if you wish to download my arrangement of exercise no. 5, you can download it below in image format. (I couldn’t get it let me share as .pdf). Please feel free to share! If you would prefer the file as a .pdf, comment below and I can send it to you.

Hope you find this helpful.

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