What’s involved in private lessons?

Typically, students take one lesson a week with their private instructor. Lessons are tailored to the student’s goals and learning styles. 

The student will need to plan to practice in between lessons to make significant progress.

Lessons are somewhat analogous to college classes in that you are expected to work throughout the week on the material in the individual lesson. (So great prep for college!)

In lessons, we always focus on:

– music theory and technique

– learning pieces your student would like to play (i.e. repertoire). 

How many lessons do I need to take?

Learning to play an instrument can be a lifelong activity and hobby.  I myself took lessons for at least twenty years.  Short courses of study will not give you lasting knowledge so think of the commitment to lessons in terms of years, not weeks. 

That said, if you follow your teacher’s instructions and practice, you will see significant progress quickly. If you’d like a referral from a current student, please let us know!

Speaking of Getting an Instrument

Please confer with us before making a purchase. A good starter keyboard is the Yamaha P-45, which often comes with the keyboard stand, bench, music stand, and sustain pedal.

Generally, you’ll need a weighted key keyboard with 88 keys.  And a sustain or damper pedal.  

Do I need a piano or a keyboard to being Lessons?

Short answer, no. But you will have get access to an instrument after a few lessons. We recommend, as an affordable option, the Yamaha P-45, which you can often find bundled with music stand, keyboard stand, bench, and sustain pedal for around $500-600.

If you would like more information on purchasing an instrument, please feel free to contact us. When in doubt, contact us first because there’s a lot of bad instruments out there.

How often are lessons typically?

Lessons are recommended at no less than once per week. Students who have tried fewer lessons have generally not had success.

What kind of lessons do I need?

If you are interested in private music lessons, we suggest that preteens to adults take a one 55 min lesson, weekly. Our experience is that students who take less frequently tend to quit or give up.

Half hour lessons are available on a case by case basis to students who very young.

Hire Collin and/or Merell for a gig! Weddings, Funerals, Parties, etc

Prices to be negotiated and samples to be posted soon.

For info email: collin@neworleanspianoteacher.com

How much are private lessons

Additional Services

What is the right age to start?

For children, I recommend around age 6. I’m happy to give a trial lesson to a younger student on case-by-case basis, but kids are generally not ready to start before six. A great way to get children involved in music before private lessons are through group lessons and childrens’ choirs.

As for adults, there’s never the wrong age to begin!  We have lots of experience teaching adult beginners or novice players.  Currently our students are aged 5 to in their 70s.





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