"By far the best music instructor in New Orleans." - Marla * * * * * * "Extremely professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and helpful. She brings out the best in me. I recommend her to students of all ages." - Lisa A. * * * * * "Deserves a sixth star... [out of five stars]." - Brian * * * * * "Having never studied music in any form, I'm impressed by how much I've already accomplished in my short time with her." - Emily H.

Piano and Voice Lessons

in New Orleans, LA 


Welcome!  Have you ever dreamed of making music?  Impressing your friends?  Charming your loved ones?  Developing a lifelong hobby? The study of music can provide you with all these things and more. 

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Our goal and our passion is to share the joy of making music with others.  We work hard to develop students as well-rounded musicians through the study of ear training, music theory, music history, and performance, all while keeping our students' goals and passions at the center of our lessons. 

We hope to help foster a lifelong love of music and help you have some plain fun.

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Board Game for Identifying C, D, and E on the piano.

Board Game for Identifying C, D, and E on the piano.

Good evening!

This is a follow-up to some posts I made a few years ago that I’ve been meaning to do for ages.  Sorry it took me so long!

Anyway, I had made a few board games a couple of years ago and shared them on this blog here and here.  And after someone had commented requesting more of these, I’d been meaning to make more but had never gotten around to it.  Finally, I sat down to make one…

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<p>Just got these in mail!  #Musicnerdalert #pianolessons #pianoteacher <a href="http://ift.tt/2sIgN14">http://ift.tt/2sIgN14</a></p>

Just got these in mail! #Musicnerdalert #pianolessons #pianoteacher http://ift.tt/2sIgN14

<p>My baby.  #pianoteacher #steinway <a href="http://ift.tt/2sH3TAs">http://ift.tt/2sH3TAs</a></p>

My baby. #pianoteacher #steinway http://ift.tt/2sH3TAs

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